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A question was recently asked of me. Are you planning on doing a series? Well, the answer is, yes. I started writing a companion novel to the one I've been contracted for about...a year ago. I just never finished it for various reasons.


So, I'm working on that right now, because I need to be working and while the other book I'm working on wants to be written as well, I just don't have the spark for it at this very moment. So I'll work on both and we'll see where I get.


Word of the Day: loquacious [loh-kwey-shuhs] - talkative


Cartoon of the Day: No Work for You - So You're  a Cartoonist by Tom Preston


He Does Exist!

On my way home from le Taco Hut (the shrimp tacos are actually not bad, but my real reason was cinnamon twists. I love them.) I realized something quite astonishing.


Santa is real!


I made this realization after remembering what it was I wrote to Santa and asked for (yes, I did write to Santa this year. I was feeling a tad...desperate) and subsequently then realized that I got what I asked for. Now before you question my sanity and attribute this gift to say, a family member, I got my gift after Christmas. Which, according to my internal thought engine, makes more sense. After all, Santa is a very busy man.


What is it that I asked for? A publishing contract. Yes. I really went there. Seeing as I now have one, that can only mean that Santa, is in fact, real. And none of you naysayers shall change my mind.


Comic of the Day: So You're a Cartoonist: Missing Out


Word of the Day: paphian /PAY fee en/ adj - Having to do with illicit love; pertaining to harlots; licentious; lewd.

(Reference: Depraved and Insulting English)

Yeah, I don't remember the rest of that song. I'm done fiddling with the look of my blog(I think) as I finally got it to the 1950's Coca-Cola type look I wanted.


I may be a touch picky, but oh well.


Nearly done with all of the paperworks, and have attempted to update my LJ seeing as I haven't touched it with a ten-foot pole in...awhile. (I'll put a link to that in the sidebar, promise.)


My reading list is starting to go down. It was over a hundred books long, that's slimmed down to around...still over a hundred, but I've managed to read a good amount of them. Currently I have two books from the library and oh...fifteen books from a friend of mine, in a stack next to my computer.


I will get to them, probably. Her last book suggestion was Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series, which I now own in near entirety and adore, truly. I believe I've read up to White Road, which might even be the most recent novel in the series. Prior to that she suggested the Wraethu books, with despite my best intentions I can never get into the mood to read.


As a writer of novels with gay characters and romance, it's not the transgender/non-human weirdness that's putting me off. I just really don't like future Earth set things. I never have. I have a thing about time travel novels as well, but that is solely on the shoulders of The Anubis Gates, which I read a couple years ago out of curiosity. I did finish it, but the unsettling nature of the finish was brought back into focus for me recently after finishing a series I'd been reading for the past couple years.


It left me with the same aftertaste of, "What the hell was that?" Though to a worse extent than The Anubis Gates, which at least managed to make sense despite it's twisty plot works.


The first novel on the pile of paperbacks from my friend is Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner, which I do want to read now that I know it has something to do with another book of hers I quite enjoyed Privilege of the Sword. In the meantime though, I'm busy writing.


Because really, I should be writing.



Comic of the Day: SATW Raising Children


Word of the Day:: Lairwite /LAIR white/ n : A fine formerly levied for adultery.

Reference: Depraved and Insulting English - by Peter Novobatzky and Ammon Shea

The Big News!

Well folks, it seems I've been contracted for my first novel.

I'm still in shock so you'll have to excuse my weirdness. Information shall be forthcoming.

Day 23

Well, I am still behind, but I have started to catch up quite a bit. Wrote over 3K words today and have brought the count up to :

First three months:


And now, a sample from my other side project this month, Morning at Midnight.

            I posted bail after the arraignment. Rather, Jen posted bail for me and came to pick me up. They towed my car. Jen, or Jeanine as her parents named her, was the owner/operator of a Christian bookshop called Halo right next door to my own little occult bookshop. It should be noted, my shop was there first. It should also be noted that the self righteous asshole Jacob Morrisey was a regular customer of Jen’s, and a deacon at St. Clements. He thought I worshipped the devil, I thought he was a prick.

            But I wasn’t the one that told an entire congregation of bored, Jesus-loving housewives the other person’s soul needed saving.

            A woman actually brought me crucifix shaped cookies.


            Back to Jen. Jen was a pretty redhead (this month) publically perceived as being as sweet as I was salty, with an iron will and deeply religious family. In reality, she was an iron willed little tyrant with cast the bones to see if Mr. Right was coming and last Solstice invited me to go dancing naked in the woods. I declined due to a completely reasonable fear of chipmunks.

            “I cannot believe you,” Jen snapped. “What is wrong with you?”

            “My daddy didn’t hug me enough.”

            She stared for a moment, ice blue eyes drilling into me, and then grabbed me by the ear and dragged me to the car. She was a very strong girl for being all the size of an anorexic broom handle.

            “Ow, dammit Jen. That prick deserved it.”

            She smacked me after releasing my ear. “And you give me ‘daddy issues’? Really? I’m not one of the raving masses Gary. You play straight with me or will put you over my knee.”

            I didn’t doubt for a moment she’d follow through on that that.

            “Get in the car.”

            I got. I got and a I buckled my seatbelt. She drove a cute little Japanese car with a bumper sticker that read; I brake for bunnies.

            “So,” she settled into the driver’s seat. “What have we learned?”

            “Vandalism is best done at night, not over lunch.”

            “Well, at least you learned something.”

            No. We weren’t fucking. I liked her too much.

            “So my day is not wasted. The delightful creature who booked me said probation was likely.”

            “You? Well, this is the first time anyone’s actually pressed charges.”

            “Exactly. And most of that happened when I was young and restless.”

            “Right, past tense.” We pulled up outside my bookshop cum apartment, Morning’s Books: Occult and Otherwise. Someone had put a sign on the door. Jesus loves you.

            I was out of the car and to the door like a shot. I tore off the sign and chucked it into the trash. I unlocked the door. “You want some tea, Jen?”

            “Yes. You have some of those cookies?”

            “Yeah. Creepy they may be, but damn they are good.” We headed inside. My cat, Tyler, mewed at me. “I know.” Rule one; feed the cat before yourself. I headed through the close knit shelves and into the back to take the stairs to my apartment. Tyler beat me there.

            “Your cat is getting fat,” Jen remarked.

            “I think he ate the mailman.”


            My apartment was small and decorated mostly with junk I couldn’t sell. There were boxes of books and detritus stacked everywhere. I headed into the world’s tiniest kitchen and got Tyler a can of cat food down from the highest cupboard. I had to keep it way out of his reach. He had a tendency to chew open the cans.

            He was an industrious cat.

Author of the Week : Lynn Flewelling

A new addition to my ever-increasing list of favorite authors is Ms. Lynn Flewelling. (She's on LJ at otterdance.livejournal.com) The exploits of Seregil and Alec not only had me on my toes from page one, book one, they kept me asking for more through the following novels.

The Nightrunner series has five books in total, the newest being White Road, whose cover is pictured above from the Amazon.com page. The first of these, Luck in the Shadows, was published in paperback in 1996. That's a whole fourteen year gap! Well, it's about twelve between the third and fourth novels, but still. Over a decade apart and guess what, they are still fantastic. 

I count myself as lucky because I did not actually have to experience the long wait between novels. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the distance between them, and then, wonder of all wonders, a new one was coming out!

I mean...sometimes you see authors fall by the wayside, or disappear from the genre all together and then you never hear from them again. It's like waiting for your favorite manga to start getting translated into English again...and then it never happens. It's disappointing.

But these do not disappoint.

Luck in the Shadows

"When young Alec of Kerry is taken prisoner for a crime he didn’t commit, he is certain that his life is at an end. But one thing he never expected was his cellmate. Spy, rogue, thief, and noble, Seregil of Rhiminee is many things–none of them predictable. And when he offers to take on Alec as his apprentice, things may never be the same for either of them. Soon Alec is traveling roads he never knew existed, toward a war he never suspected was brewing. Before long he and Seregil are embroiled in a sinister plot that runs deeper than either can imagine, and that may cost them far more than their lives if they fail. But fortune is as unpredictable as Alec’s new mentor, and this time there just might be…Luck in the Shadows."
(from : www.amazon.com/Luck-Shadows-Nightrunner-Vol-1/dp/0553575422/ref=sr_1_1)

Interested yet? 

Well you should be. I myself, after reading them said, "She's one of the best fantasy authors I've read in a while." (paraphrasing is allowed) There was a distinct reason for this. Alec and Seregil *spoiler warning* are a real couple. A real couple. They aren't dancing around it. They aren't in it for the sex. It isn't just erotica. It's an adventure and the two main characters are gay and guess what, they're normal(ish). There's no posturing or primping (at least not from Alec) and it's all just so very honest.

The Nightrunner series has knocked several other series down a few slots on my mental list.

If you haven't done so already, pick up a copy of Luck in the Shadows and maybe we'll get lucky with another book in this fantastic series.
So, it's day one. I over slept. Really overslept.

But I've still managed to get a chunk written. Not quite what I would like to have gotten written, but nearly so...I'll make it up tomorrow.

First Three Months:

Also, my count has changed.

Agent Submissions - 7
Rejections - 6
Awaiting Judgment - 1
Accepted - 0
Manuscript Submissions - 5
Rejections - 3
Awaiting Judgment - 2 (also awaiting my shipping them)
Accepted - 0
Magazine Submissions - 5
Rejections - 3
Awaiting Judgment - 2
Accepted - 1 (unpaid, school publication)

Oh, and I did do quite well on a more recent agent query. It was still a no, but she was quite nice and very helpful. I see that as a step in the right direction.
First Three Months:

All right, so tomorrow my Ultimate Writing Challenge starts. Woohoo! Anyhow, here's the information on the first novel.

The Nefarious and Evil Tale

Current length : 43,177 words (yes, I'm starting with an easy one)
Expected length at finish : around 65,000 words - 70,000 words
Total words to finish : 21,823 - 26,823

Words remaining for month : 23,177

So, I've got at less words to finish this one, but more words to make up elsewhere. I think it'll be an even balance for my first month which should make this goal more workable.

What is already finished on this story is posted here, on my FP account.

A Crazy Little Goal

First Three Months:

So, in my infinite insanity, I've decided that starting June 1st, I'm implementing my very own National Novel thing. I don't require any other participants, the only one accountable is myself and there are no prizes for this accomplishment besides my own sense of pride and amazement.

What does this entail precisely? I'll tell you. I will write 50,000 words per month. In that there will be one finished novel per month. This could be a project that's been sitting fallow, a brand new one, one you've been putting off, whatever. But after looking through the host of projects I've got sitting around, I realized I had to do something. I had to finish them.

So, I'm implementing this schedule. If a novel is finished short of that extra 50K, I'll start on another one. The word count is mandatory, the amount of projects worked on is flexible, but one of them must be finished in that month, and it must have at least 50K words to it's credit. This does include packets of shorts stories. (RELATED TO ONE ANOTHER), but not poetry. Unless it's a 50,000 word epic poem, in which case, you are awesome.

My personal schedule will be as follows, based on projects sitting around for the longest amount of time. If a novel is completed ahead of schedule, then I will move on to the next one on the list.
Novels on the list that are there for heavy rewriting have a companion novel listed as well. An attempt will be made to finish both.

June : A Nefarious and Evil Tale
July : Blood Lines + Black Moon
August : Legion's War
September : Vampirism and You
October : Deaths Children
November : NEW PROJECT (As I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month)
The Ghost King
December : When Angels Cry + Dusk Moth
January : Legion's Wake
February : Let the Good Times Roll
March : The Bridge
April : The Hatter's Son
May : Gryphon's Kiss

If I finish all of those before May, I'll move on to my secondary list of a further twelve projects. Part of this project will be trying to remain focused on these particular stories, and not starting a bunch of new things.

Of course, new ideas will be written down and played with a bit, and if something new is on a roll, I'll work on it. But I hope to complete at least my first list, and some of the second. If you'd like to join in with me, for solidarity, I'd appreciate that. Just comment after this post to join in. I'll be keeping track of my own work in this blog, and on LJ. Updates to stories will be made on FictionPress (obviously) as things are completed.

It's an honor system, mostly, but trust me on this, I have very pushy friends so...I may just make it on this. Words counts will go up weekly, because I'm not very good at posting, but I'll try my best for weekly.

I may go mad before this is all over, just as a heads up, but these projects really need to get done so. . .yeah. So join in, watch me crash and burn, cheer me on, whatever you like. Starting tomorrow, all hell breaks loose.

Evil Laugh

So I'm in Texas.

I'm not from Texas. I've never been to Texas before and thus far I've seen chickens kill snakes, an enormous dog killed some possums and apparently the state of Texas is over-run by creepy little white/see-through lizards which for one reason or another I find endearing. I'm here because I'm staying with my Aunt and Grandmother until school starts.

In the menagerie where I am staying there are a total of five dogs, seventeen chickens, two canaries, three button quail, some finches, and a pair of parakeets. Having fresh eggs is something of a novelty I quite enjoy. In fact, I think that whenever it comes to pass that I myself have a place which is more earth laden, I will acquire some of my own for that very purpose. 

In other news, I start school in a month or so. Yes, school, again. In the summer of all things. This time it's a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology with a focus in Archaeological techniques as a way of pumping up my skill set and awesomeness to get into grad school in Canada.

Yes, I said Canada. I'm quite the traveler these days. If you'd told me when I graduated highschool I'd get a BFA in the US, a PBC (pos-bacc certificate) in Italy and then go back for a BS and then go on for an MFA before my PHD (yes, I said PHD) I'd say you were nuts and ask what medication you were on.

It's been a very weird year.

In any case, this means that I've got to take a math placement exam. I haven't taken a math class in five years. (Slam head into wall here) I'll also be taking some foreign language courses. This appeals to me though, I've always wanted to brush up my Spanish (which is table Spanish at best), and I need to get something obscure. Like Latin. Or Ancient Greek.

Yes, I really need to learn a dead language for my Masters degree. How awesome is that? Anyhow, I'm registering for classes soon, then headed back to Ohio to move into to campus housing for "non-traditional"/graduate students. I'll have my own bedroom. Good thing too, because believe you me, I'm in need of personal space.

There could be as many as three other people living with me, which while distasteful, I will manage.


Also, I am writing. Writing on everything, bits and pieces here and there. I'm going to try and update Black Moon, Vampirism and You, The Merlin Cipher, Lemon Moon, and The Bridge by the end of June. Also, The Grave Watchers sequel, Death's Children, will start posting soon.

Thanks for reading everyone.